Time flies, but it seemed like yesterday when we travelled to one of the world’s best and most beautiful places.

Switzerland is always on the travelling list of anyone. I am 99.99% sure about that. And, trust me, you will never regret it when you get there.

Switzerland has many places for travelling such as Geneva, Bern, to name a few. And, for us, we took the trip to Interlaken…

Top Eleven Football Manager turned 11 years old on 9 May 2021. I have played this game for a decade (and still counting), and I am satisfied with the development of this game.

A simple introduction about this game: Top Eleven Football Manager is an online football management game developed by Nordeus, a Serbian mobile game developer. Top Eleven Football Manager was the first game of this studio. The game creates a platform where you can play daily in tournaments with your friends…

Welcome back to our trip. The feeling that Rome brought to us was unforgettable.

The time we visited Rome was during the “rest” between two peaks of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. We felt lucky (and many of our friends told us that we were lucky) to spend time in Rome when it was not too busy in this city. …

Vietnam chose the “overreaction” measure to be successful in fighting the pandemic.

Mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Limited international flights. The requirement of wearing masks. Vietnamese citizens in other countries need to wait for a government’s flight to return to the home country.

They are all measures the Vietnamese government is imposing to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And the truth…

Welcome back to my Europe trip. This time, I will lead you to one of the most ancient cities in the world: Rome.

I am the one who has an interest in Roman and Greek cultures. My interest was originated from what I saw on TV when I was a child. Therefore, Rome is one of the must-visit places on my travel list.


As usual, I will talk a bit about transportation in…

Trung V. Nguyen

Legal practitioner | Travel lover | Blogger-to-be.

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