#2. Getting out of my father’s shadow.

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Each of us has the own reason to choose a career path. People who want to start a business would like to be their own boss and make money independently. Some footballers would like to get out of the poor and help their families. Some people want to be doctors or lawyers because of their parents’ hope.

For me, I have to say that lawyer was not my priority. I have to admit that studying law was not my first interest when I prepared for the university admission exam.

When I was in high school, I did not know who…

Welcome back to our trip. The feeling that Rome brought to us was unforgettable.

The time we visited Rome was during the “rest” between two peaks of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. We felt lucky (and many of our friends told us that we were lucky) to spend time in Rome when it was not too busy in this city. If we visited Rome at another time without the pandemic, our experience would be way more different.

We spent our last day in Rome to visit Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona. All three places are unique and brought different vibes.

Trevi Fountain

In a world without the Coronavirus, Trevi Fountain would be full of…

Vietnam chose the “overreaction” measure to be successful in fighting the pandemic.

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Mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Limited international flights. The requirement of wearing masks. Vietnamese citizens in other countries need to wait for a government’s flight to return to the home country.

They are all measures the Vietnamese government is imposing to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And the truth is the Vietnamese government is doing well. It has been three months since the last day when Vietnam discovered a positive case infected in public. After that, all new positive cases in Vietnam came from people who immigrated to Vietnam, not from the inside.

Many people have questions on how…

My feeling after a month of working from home.

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During the past month, I had the first (and maybe the last) time working from home. The reason was that I had come back from Europe, and I had to comply with the mandatory quarantine requirement of my country (two weeks). And then I had to follow my company’s rule to continue working from home during the two following weeks.

Work-from-home is supposed to be a new normal. More and more companies allow and prefer their employees to work from home. I heard a lot about how people love it. Staying home and working at your own pace can be…

Welcome back to my Europe trip. This time, I will lead you to one of the most ancient cities in the world: Rome.

Colosseum in a late afternoon — Image courtesy of the author

I am the one who has an interest in Roman and Greek cultures. My interest was originated from what I saw on TV when I was a child. Therefore, Rome is one of the must-visit places on my travel list.


As usual, I will talk a bit about transportation in Rome. We arrived at Rome Ciampino Airport. It is a small airport that is about 30–45 minutes to get to the city center. We chose bus 520 to go from Ciampino Airport to a train station, then catch a train to get to Roma Termini Station (Rome’s central station). …

Two different career paths but both have some common points.

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When you look at the title, you may be curious and ask: “What the heck this guy is talking about?”

Well, I have been a fan of rap for nearly a decade (though I started listening to this genre a few years before). The more I listen, the more I learn from rappers for my writing even if I don’t ‘play’ rap.

Based on what I see, I can say that being writers and being rappers are not two parallel roads. They meet each other in several intersections. …

What do you usually do on your birthday?

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When I am writing this, my birthday will come in the next two hours. This is the second birthday I did not celebrate in my home country.

The birthday when we are adults is different from what we experienced in the past. There will no more present parcels with things we may not need or like; instead, we receive practical gifts from our beloved. I don’t need to have a party where I can invite my friends or classmates to my house; instead, I love spending time with my family and my best friends (counting on fingertips).

A new age…

Two stories, one lesson learned.

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Each of us should have our own fear(s). The point is what we should do to leave the fear behind and move forward.

I have come back from my journey to Santorini. That was a fantastic trip to a beautiful island. The most important thing is that, at that place, I learned what I should do to overcome my fears through two small stories.

Story 1: The fear of high-open space

I am scared of high place with an open space in front of me. For example, I would start shaking when I stand on a balcony only covering half of my height. …

This is the first time I share this embarrassing story.

Photo by Ismail Hamzah on Unsplash

A few days ago, when I surfed the Internet, I stopped by a familiar face. I recognized him because he was the CEO of a company that I had a chance to be involved in assisting when I was a trainee lawyer. And, the memory about that matter was still an embarrassment to me.

The story began

Five years ago, I was admitted starting my first job as a paralegal in an international law firm. That was a fantastic chance for me because of their reputation. Compare to my peers, that was a tremendous stepping-stone of my career path.

I was involved in…

Let’s continue the trip to Malta with us.

The ferry was leaving the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal — Image courtesy of the author

Malta is a beautiful country. Although it is one of the smallest countries in the world, it offers tourists many options to visit. Every place, every corner of the country bring along with them a unique beauty that needs us, as tourists, to discover.

In the tour today, I will lead you to the next three beautiful places of Malta: Gozo Island, Mdina and Comino Blue Lagoon.

Gozo Island

Trung V. Nguyen

Legal practitioner | Travel lover | Blogger-to-be.

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